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We do this by attracting a diverse community through our educational programmes. 大发游戏研究文化, 使更多女性成为成功领导者的机构和组织. 大发游戏相信鼓励和支持商界女性发挥她们的最大潜力.



  • gain the business education required to excel in a wide range of careers
  • join a thriving and ambitious network of students and alumni
  • 成为女商科学生小组的一员——与同伴一起推动商界性别平衡议程
  • become involved in the 我+男人的领导中心, 支持他们的研究, 会议及外展活动
  • 在支持多样性、平等和包容的教育环境中发展个人.


Meet us and join our regular forthcoming virtual open days, 会见MBA招生团队,听取MBA学生和校友大发游戏他们在剑桥的经历和职业成就.

We also host other online events where you can meet us.

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每年,该商学院的Wo+Men领导中心都会召开年度会议. 今天有很多主题演讲嘉宾, 由杰出的行业领袖和大发游戏知名学者进行小组讨论和研讨会.

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£25,000 is awarded to three outstanding female students per year, in partnership with the Forté Foundation.


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Meet our women

I have always been a woman in a man’s world, I’m an electrical engineer. I then worked in a male dominated field, I find it a little unfortunate that there’s not more women in these spaces, 但我猜是这样的, 我已经有点习惯了.

Working in Iraq, 然后以女人的身份来这里, 是令人难以置信的有用的, 因为我回去的时候确实感觉到了, 我想和很多女性一起发展事业,我希望当我回去的时候, 你知道他们会像, “好吧,如果她能做到的话, then maybe I can do it.” And I hope that I can have that kind of impact on people there. You know, yeah. Or give them the courage to at least try.

I think there’s been a lot of progress over the last few decades, in terms of women’s opportunities but I think we have a long way to go. I want to be part of that generation that continues to build on the legacy.

有人能做的最好的事就是告诉我这是不可能的. “不要尝试航空航天工业,因为它很难得到,它不可能做到.“然后我就去了NASA.

One of the commonly cited like career limiting things for women, 建立网络的斗争现在来到这里,遇到这么多人吗, men and women, 比如建立关系网的机会, 我认为这很有用.

你渴望的知识,你获得的知识,是巨大的,你永远无法独自完成. But having the, like my adult female cohort here to support me along the way, that gives me a lot of strength and encouragement.

I think when you put yourself in a position and show what you know, all your knowledge, 至少在我个人的经历中,我从来没有觉得作为一个女人有什么不同.

在我9年的工程经验中,有几个关键因素促使我进入商学院. 在工程学领域,女性很难做到这一点. You have to prove yourself over and over, over and over. 所以我意识到,如果我去拿我的商学学位,然后去桌子的另一边?

There are so many people that inspire me, in the class. 有几个女人每次说话的时候听她们的故事都很有趣. 我想不出还有比这更好的地方来继续追求过去女性领导人为大发游戏设立的倡议.

At the end of the day, change comes from us. Right?

我的职业生涯是从医疗保健开始的. I had a broad experience within this health care company. And I took the opportunity to move every time I had the chance. 我和一个做尽职调查的团队一起工作,主要是在资产贷款部门. I got to really help build and grow the group and see it take off. And about three years into that experience, I was asked to come to London and to get some international experience. 原本六个月的任务变成了三年的任务, at which point, 然后我决定去剑桥. 我决定来剑桥攻读MBA,因为我觉得我有很好的专业经验, 但当时我正处于一个过渡时期,我想获得更多的管理经验,为自己未来10年的职业生涯做好准备. When I really sat down and thought about what I wanted out of a programme, 我觉得英国的学校, 特别是剑桥, really fit my values and what I wanted out of an MBA. I like that Cambridge is an international brand, and that means, you know, we have 50 different nationalities in our class. And for me, given my background, 的交叉产业, crossed geographies, it was really important to me to continue to push myself in that regard. I thought I had diverse experience before, but this is unlike anything. I think, 从技术角度来看, the programme has set us up really well to have a broad skill set. 我在MBA课程中学到的技能,我认为对我今后的职业生涯最有益的是管理方面的事情, so the soft skills, the EQ-related items. So we have a couple of classes that really focus on this, and it ranges from, you know, 大发游戏如何激励人们, to how do you deal with difficult situations? 如何组建团队? At the end of the day, it’s, you know, 你如何真正将你在课堂上学到的东西转化为产品? We’re not gonna be sitting in a classroom, 10个月后, 大发游戏真的要回去了, 面对真正的挑战,我认为最重要的事情是从同学那里学习,听到他们已经经历过的, What they 've seen, and having engaging conversations based in reality. 大发游戏已经讨论和学习了很多东西,并且将继续学习,我认为这将是我职业生涯中最有价值的东西. I still have the same plan today as I did coming in. So in the next few years, I think I will probably stay in the finance industry. 我可以预见自己将以一种不同的身份重返这个行业. 我认为,在不舒服的环境中保持舒适真的对我的职业生涯有帮助. 对我来说,我想都没想. 那就是,让大发游戏穿越这个国家,做一些不同的事情,认识新的人,尝试一些新的东西.

for the past five years I’ve been working in Iraq and a family business the family business is a real estate development company it’s involved in manufacturing distribution but the sector that I was involved in was real estate development so the reason I came to Cambridge was first of all it is an amazing city it is a city full of history for me the most important part of coming to judge was the diversity which is very it proved to be very true from the coroner for the people that I’ve met over the past two weeks so the second reason that I decided to come to Cambridge was because of the women’s leadership student interest group or sig and the conference’s that they were doing and the events that they were doing to support women and to encourage them to really step up the main reason that I came to study for my MBA is because I really want to learn from the diverse group of people that I’m going to be meeting who are all professionals in their fields coming from a family business I really hope to be able to go back and implement a lot of the changes that I think need to be made there through the through the issues and through the problems and the solutions that I find during the programme.

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