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剑桥吸引了众多优秀人才, 这所大学所做的工作影响着全球的商业和社会.

在这样一个富裕的环境中,作为一个剑桥MBA, you will learn, explore, connect, follow interests, 并在一个高度协作和创新的社区中追求未来的目标.

Our MBA programme is:

  • 学术严谨,广泛,高度实用,注重团队技能
  • 通过混合的工作坊进行教学, seminars, lectures, small-group work, 数字资源和体验式学习
  • 以核心课程为基础, 有额外的选修课供学生选择
  • tailorable to your interests with the Concentrations, which run in the third term.
大发游戏的课程经过精心设计,以提供严格和灵活, 为大发游戏不同的同伴建立基础, 但也要探索兴趣和新方向.
Michael Kitson,剑桥MBA主任

Academic outline


Core courses

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Management Science
  • Corporate Finance
  • 财务报告与分析
  • Microeconomics
  • Organisational Behaviour & Leadership
  • 《大发游戏》
  • Management Praxis I

Team project



Core courses

  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • 公司治理:组织
  • Digital Business
  • Management Praxis II
  • 选修课:三门(选在米迦勒节学期)


Team project



Core courses

  • Macroeconomics
  • Operations Management
  • Business & Society








Application and relaunch


  • Individual project
  • Work placement
  • Research paper.


考虑到学位的结构和阶层的人口统计, 没有学院的正式监督, 或者在MBA课程中. However, there are a great many opportunities to link with academic and professional staff throughout the year, 鼓励学生使用这些链接.

Assessment and feedback


  • 活跃的课堂参与
  • 大学正式笔试
  • 个人写作业
  • Group written assignments
  • Group presentations
  • Individual presentations
  • In-class tests

Students are given formal written feedback on most coursework assignments submitted during the programme, 哪个是在标记旁边释放的. 这种反馈的风格和内容取决于评估的风格. 对于考试和课堂测试,没有正式的个人反馈.

Cambridge MBA projects

剑桥MBA的一个独特的特点是你将做的项目. Three team projects are required, and one optional individual project in the Summer Term. Two of the team projects engage external companies or organisations as ‘clients’, so you and your team will use your learning and experience to delivery real strategic value to your client.

“The consulting projects you do throughout the year immerse you in situations you haven’t been in before, 做你以前没做过的事情, 和你以前没做过同事的人.”
阿利格拉·马克森(Allegra Markson),剑桥MBA校友


The CVP features small teams working on a market analysis project with a UK based company, 开发团队技能作为管理实践课程的一部分.


对许多人来说,GCP是剑桥课程的亮点, 为一家大型国际公司提供团队咨询服务, anywhere in the world. 


在你的集中学习结束后,你将承担一个团队项目, 你将在模拟的会议室中陈述你的发现.


The MBA 'Concentrations

Concentrations are thematic collections of courses and projects run for MBAs during the second and third terms. 注意力由专业教练管理, who may be a member of our academic faculty or an external business professional, 在特定领域具有特定的专业知识.

以社会创新集中为例, 相关的选修课都是针对这个行业的, demonstrated to my potential employers my commitment and passion for social impact.
剑桥MBA校友基娅拉•昆尼(Chiara Kunnie)

你可以选择一种专注来承担. As part of this selection, you will select a number of related elective courses. 重点还包括“教练之夜”——由教练举办的课程,通常有外部演讲者参与——学生们在相关课程中讨论他们的学习情况. 每个集中将以一个最终的团队项目结束, during which teams will present their findings in a simulated boardroom situation.


Cultural, 艺术和媒体机构为创造力提供了一个独特的论坛, 自我表达和公共互动. 除了提供这些社会和审美服务, however, 这类组织也是企业,面临的压力类似于更广泛的企业部门中的公司所面临的压力, including value creation, financial planning, 市场定位及人力资源管理.

The balancing of these two demands presents a distinct challenge for cultural leaders, 新授权的消费者使哪一个问题更加复杂, contemporary shifts in the economic climate and unprecedented levels of technological development and new media. 策划通过这些挑战的课程需要一种领导风格,既要对艺术组织的要求敏感,又要对商业战略和运营有严格的理解.

Over the last decade, companies such as Uber, Google, and Alibaba have led the way as digital innovators in transforming the business landscape. 今天的挑战是,各个行业的组织都要通过数字技术转变战略和组织方式,使其具有创新性和竞争力. 要实现这一转变,需要重新思考,并拓宽创新的视野,而现在在数字技术的帮助下,创新成为可能.

大发游戏将提供方法和框架以及批判性思维,帮助您重新思考如何通过数字创新领导您的组织转型. we will look at breakthrough digital innovations such as AI and neural networks, the Internet of Things, Big Data, and blockchain in facilitating new business models across industries including healthcare and financial services. We will also examine how mobile platforms are enabling financial inclusion and clean energy in emerging economies.

能源和环境在经济和企业内部的普遍性质意味着它可以作为一个很好的案例研究,涵盖商业教育的所有方面:市场营销, strategy, economics, finance, operations, ethics and leadership.

能源领域并不全是大型基础设施和大型发电厂——它涉及一些最令人兴奋的初创企业,并可能为物联网迈出重要的第一步. Energy poses some of the biggest challenges and opportunities not only within the sector but for all firms in the economy.

This Concentration is suitable for students with an interest in energy and environmental issues. No prior knowledge is required although some students have backgrounds in the energy industry or technical fields, 还有一些人对环境问题有着浓厚的兴趣.

Cambridge is one of the best places in the world to explore your understanding of how entrepreneurship works. This Concentration will give students the skills and knowledge to help them start their own business and grow it successfully, 要么现在,要么将来. Students will also develop core ‘enterprising skills’ that will help you as an employee in an organisation, 你是否应该决定你现在还没有准备好创业.

During this concentration we will consider different types of entrepreneurship; social enterprise, family businesses, blended models, life-style companies, consulting, bootstrapped businesses, venture funded businesses. 集中会议和相关的社交活动也将把你与剑桥和伦敦社区的企业家联系起来,以获得他们的经验的好处.

专注能让你尝试自己的想法, 学习如何建立一个管理团队来发展你的业务,并探索融资机制的范围,以提供大多数新业务所需的资金.

金融专业对于任何对金融工作感兴趣的人都是有用的, be it in banks, investment funds, 公司或作为一个企业家.

In recent years, advances in technology have led to a flurry of innovation in financial markets. 本集中将重点介绍金融领域的几个新趋势, 所有这些都是由领先的实践者呈现的. 讨论的主题包括被动型资产管理, 替代贷款,区块链和数字账簿.

Sessions with visiting speakers will conclude with a drinks reception and networking.

这一部门的研究非常有趣:全球卫生部门正在显著增长,预计今后20年将继续增长, 在卫生支出方面, 卫生部门的投资者, 激活的消费者和患者, 保健服务提供者, the life science industry, technology companies, big data and consultancy. 《大发游戏》的重点将吸引那些有卫生部门背景、希望继续在这一部门从事职业的人,重点将扩大或不同, or to those who are new to the sector who wish to explore it as a potential area of employment or interest.

该集中旨在利用学生熟悉的一般和商业管理概念,并将其应用于医疗保健行业的背景, specifically focused on the particular challenges and opportunities offered by the sector. The Concentration邀请了全球资深教师来授课,学生小组也参观了唐宁街10号, London.


This Concentration is designed for MBA students from a range of backgrounds and with a variety of career ambitions. In particular, this Concentration is likely to appeal to students seeking careers in multinational organisations; students seeking careers in small and medium-sized enterprises in sectors that are affected by international pressures (for example, through competitors or suppliers); and students with a general interest in the role of organisations in global issues.

此次合并将涵盖一系列与全球业务相关的关键问题, including: understanding globalisation and cross-country differences; doing business in/with emerging economies; managing the multinational enterprise; as well as the role of multinational organizations in social and environmental issues.

市场营销集中是针对学生有兴趣发展一个更深入和实际的理解市场营销和专题问题在这一领域. It will provide valuable insights for students wishing to pursue jobs in marketing.

这门课程让学生有机会看到企业如何处理现实世界的问题,以及这两个领域之间的边界如何在这样做时重叠. 该模块的一个关键亮点是资深行业演讲者的贡献,他们使用真实的例子来展示营销战略家如何处理这些问题. 集中讲座共四场(以行业演讲者为主), 分析现实世界的问题, 以及一个具有挑战性的“董事会影响”项目. Speakers in this year’s Concentration represent companies including Facebook, Barclays, Marks & 斯宾塞,CNBC,布伦瑞克,Flock Associates和麦肯锡.


有些与会者可能希望在社会企业中建立职业, non-profits, 或政府机构. However, given the growing importance that companies are placing on social and environmental issues, it is envisaged that the concentration will also appeal to students intending to pursue careers in leading corporations.

完成社会创新课程后,学生将了解社会创新在解决复杂社会问题方面的机会和局限性, and understand the similarities and differences inherent in different types of social innovation. Students will also have gained transferable knowledge and skills for careers in social innovation, 并通过Capstone项目成功地应用了这些技能.

Increased competition, globalisation and fast changing technologies have made today’s business environment uncertain and dynamic. 在这个充满挑战的环境中生存和成功, managers need to think strategically by charting the future directions of the firm, managing the resources, capabilities, and strategic positioning of the firm to create and sustain competitive advantage.

The Concentration will cover a range of key issues relating to strategic management, including: competitive positioning; mergers and acquisitions and strategic alliances; Corporate strategies including portfolio analyses and diversification; as well as the strategic adaptation to environmental disruptions including corporate structuring and turnaround.

Extra-curricular learning


The extra-curricular learning opportunity as a Cambridge MBA is wide-ranging and enriching. 通过参与以下活动来支持和扩展您的学习和兴趣:

  • 由学生团体组织的国际徒步旅行
  • Student Interest Groups support inititiatives through networking and organising conferences or events
  • 与CJBS的各个研究中心合作, 以及创业中心等其他项目
  • 与大发游戏的同行领导的组织,如CUTEC -大发游戏创业协会和剑桥联合会.