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Each participant on the Cambridge Executive MBA (EMBA) programme has a unique set of reasons for joining the programme. But for legal professionals Felix Rackwitz and Filip Corveleyn, 他们的动机惊人地相似. 

One driver for us to do the EMBA was a shared fascination with the old traditional way legal business and legal service deliveries were carried out, and with the whole business model of how law was brought to market.
Filip Corveleyn



完成课程后, 菲利浦和菲利克斯都回到了传统的律师事务所, but were unable to effect the changes they believed necessary. “We took the ideas away from the EMBA, trying to implement them in our current business lives,"Says Filip. “但大发游戏很快发现这是不可能的. It was clear that change couldn’t come from the existing players in the market.

在大发游戏参加EMBA的两年时间里, 大发游戏收集了很多想法, research and data on what was happening in the legal market. One of the surprises we had was that we saw innovations happening in the UK and US, 但在欧洲大陆的法律市场上,什么都没有发生. 大发游戏开始怀疑这是为什么, and both wrote our Individual Projects on the law-firm service delivery model.

During the EMBA, I met Felix, who is the only other lawyer in our group. So there was a natural link for us to start a conversation. And throughout the EMBA, we both focused on innovation in professional services and, more specifically, in the legal industry. I think it was Felix who set me on the track of Richard Susskind and other authors who had written about innovation in the legal industry and the intrusiveness of technology and how that would change the job of lawyers today for tomorrow.

And so we ended up doing a team consulting project on the issue of how to set up a captive legal process, an outsourcing process, for a German law firm. And eventually, both our individual projects on innovation in the legal industry, whereby I think Felix had a lot more interesting study being done on the impact of innovation and technology on what lawyers do and how lawyers work, where I was much more looking at technology side of things, how does technology change the way in which you work and how clients experience the legal industry or legal products as such.

And I think then, when we finished our EMBA in 2012, we both went back to our respective jobs. Felix took up a job as global head of business development. I went to my job as a corporate employment lawyer with the clear intention to take the knowledge we’ve learned and the lessons learned from Cambridge into our respective organisations, 试图从内部改变系统,因为很明显, 大发游戏所经历的是有一个问题, and it needed some change.

大发游戏没想到的是, I think, in all of our enthusiasm leaving the EMBA was the disappointment in the powers of the existing business models resisting change. Although we had lots of case studies on change and change management, 而且我一直在应对管理层的变化, 当你试图改变自己的时候, you can feel that there’s lots of issues you hit along the way.

Xenion Legal为他们提供了发展想法的机会, and in 2012 Felix and Filip joined the company as Chief Operating Officer and Head of Research and Development respectively. 由Carsten Reimann博士在德国创立, 尼桑布鲁塞尔办事处前主任, it provides businesses with access to a network of top attorneys and corporate counsel, 由中央管理中心控制. Xenion provides “people solutions” for companies that need to enlist legal expertise on an ad-hoc or more permanent basis.

A new business model

There’s an inherent contradiction between the usual business model of a law firm and the market demand today,"Explains Felix. “You are asking a law firm to be more efficient in delivering their services. But because efficiency means doing things in less time, that means fewer billable hours. So what the market is asking law firms to do is something they can’t deliver upon, 因为他们的商业模式.

Their new paradigm for business is finding favour with major multinational clients. 与一家全球服装制造商的交易, led to a two-month trial of delivering legal services and process automation.   


At the end of 2014, Felix and Filip decided to found their own company, Tools4Legal, now TPR Legal, taking with them the multinational client contracts they had won while working for Xenion. 在2014年一个成功的测试项目之后, the company was awarded a full outsourcing deal for three years, 2015年在19个国家开展业务, further securing another two multinational clients for the disruptive legal solution.

To add to their management team they recruited Munich-based lawyer Andreas Panzer, a specialist in regulatory and tax matters who will act as Legal Counsel. Additionally they are about to appoint an operation director and contract management specialist.

大发游戏对未来感到非常兴奋, 客户的幸福对大发游戏来说非常重要, we don’t just want to be efficient – we want to make sure that the experience of the client in going through the work is actually improving.
Felix Rackwitz

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