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The Policy engagement | Policy co-ordination

CCCM Policy engagement.

The Cambridge Centre for Chinese Management (CCCM) actively engages with policy makers in China and elsewhere. It plans to provide sound research findings that enable policy makers to develop more effective policies supporting Chinese and non-Chinese firms to grow in their respective fields, in particular in preparing them for the upcoming paradigm shift centred around digitalisation and AI.

CCCM White Paper Series

Produce white paper series aiming at influencing industry practices and policy making in areas related to Chinese management and business around the possible themes such as:

Chinese Firms Going Global Chinese firms' internationalisation performance has become a local success story. 

The Development of Chinese Private Enterprises detailing the unique experiences of private enterprises in China in the past thirty years.

Chinese Firms' Innovation Landscape The detailing of Chinese firms' innovation activities and performance has become a hit with Chinese firms.

Policy learning and exchanges

Facilitate policy learning and exchanges with respective government departments and key stakeholders through annual forums and specific workshops centred around important themes.

The center will actively cooperate with Chinese policy makers on a broad and in-depth basis。In this collaboration, the Centre's research results are intended to provide useful insights into policy making。Specific cooperation with policy agencies can take the following forms:

Chinese Center for Management Research White Paper series: Prepare the following white papers that may affect industrial policy, e.g

  • Chinese enterprise internationalization system white paper 
  • White Paper on the Development of China's Private Enterprises
  • White Paper on Innovation of Chinese Enterprises 

Organize seminars with relevant government departments from time to timeTo facilitate the exchange of ideas between academia and the policy community

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