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Be a CJBS ambassador

Be a CJBS ambassador

校友 are invaluable advocates and ambassadors for the School. If you would be willing to speak to candidates in your area, host regional 大发游戏官方平台 or share programme advice and experience, 请 contact the 校友 Relations Team

There are a number of other ways you can help as an alumni ambassador, use the expanding titles below to find out more:

As an ambassador, you provide the one-on-one interaction and encouragement that can make the difference between a student in your region choosing 剑桥 over another top school.

Providing your perspective and personal experience of the 剑桥 工商管理硕士 is the most important part of the role and helps to ensure that we can continue to grow the highly talented 工商管理硕士 network in your region. If you would like to host a small event, we would love to hear from you.

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International Business is one of the core courses on the E工商管理硕士 programme. The International Business Study Trip (IBST), lasts for a week and all lectures for the course are delivered during this time. 学生 vote for the location from a selection offered by the programme. Previous  student trips have visited Argentina, Brazil and China. There are opportunities for alumni to get involved with either assisting in planning 大发游戏官方平台 or speaking as part of the itinerary.

Contact Karen Smith, E工商管理硕士 External Relations Manager to find out more

A unique feature of the 剑桥 Executive 工商管理硕士 is the Friday dinners where participants hear from key business leaders. 领导 in Action speakers focus on the challenges, triumphs and lessons of running organisations of all shapes and sizes, whereas Practitioner Insight speakers share their experience of specific areas of business, such as marketing or finance – again covering both the highs and lows of their work. If you have a senior colleague or contact you would like to recommend as a potential speaker and you would be willing to provide an introduction, 请 contact Karen Smith, External Relations Manager.

Find out more about previous E工商管理硕士 speakers

个人 recommendations for admission of professional colleagues and friends are very important to us. 可得的校友, 学生 and associates play an integral part in the School’s efforts to find talented individuals for its graduate degree programmes.

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Contact the 校友 Relations Team to make a referral

This includes participation in filming, providing testimonials and being interviewed for features on our website. It is also important to keep us updated on any stories that might be interesting for a prospective candidate audience, especially where there is a  focus on how the programme has been of great benefit to you.

Contact the 校友 Relations Team to register your interest

There are over 30 校友 Groups worldwide, which organise 大发游戏官方平台 throughout the year for alumni and key business contacts in the local area to connect and engage with one another.

Find out more about CJBS 校友 Groups

If you would like to set up your own Group 请 contact the 校友 Relations Team.

The 校友 咨询 Council supports the 校友 Relations team in managing the alumni network by ensuring that all services, 资源 and benefits meet the needs of the membership. The Council  comprises alumni from the international community and  across a range of the School’s programmes.. The Nominations Committee meets in November so if you are interested in becoming a Member 请 contact the 校友 Relations Team.

Visit the 校友 咨询 Council webpages

There are a number of networking 大发游戏官方平台 for the current classes, which are organised throughout the year. This gives you the opportunity to share your experience with new 学生 and advise them how to get the most out of the programme and their time at 剑桥. To find out more information or to express your interest in attending networking 大发游戏官方平台, 请 contact the 校友 Relations team.

The MPhil in Management Mentoring Scheme (M3S) is a formal programme where mentors are carefully matched with mentees. Your role as a mentor is to assist your mentee(s) during their MPhil in Management year, and provide them with advice for the start of their professional careers. .  You may also be asked to reflect on your own experiences. Your friendly feedback and guidance will be both important and influential, so 请 keep this in mind as you help direct them along their personal career paths. There are also a number of informal mentoring opportunities with other programmes.

Contact the 校友 Relations Team for more information

If you are interested in volunteering in any capacity, 请 get in touch with our 校友 Relations Team.